AP-SMART joins 7 leading partners in launching ‘Personal Home Advisor’ gurugram 第1张

AP-SMART joins 7 leading partners in launching ‘Personal Home Advisor’ to free up life with on-demand services

  • Upgrades ‘SMART WORLD’ to comprehensive home care platform of the highest standard ready to empower living at the touch of a finger 

AP Thailand Group together with SMART, the property management industry leader, have joined forces with seven leading partners to upgrade SMART WORLD with the launch of the new ‘Personal Home Advisor’, a household assistant designed to manage a comprehensive range of home matters and now a digital platform that answers every aspect of living at the highest industry standard with on-demand services complete with a ‘proactive calendar system’ to help homeowners plan and check history of appointments as well as a ‘customer rating system’ that allows users to rate their satisfaction, simplifying every home care matter. Special triple promotion and discount worth over Bht 1 million are available to service users.

Mr. Metha Raktham, Deputy Chief Extended Business, Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd., said that “with a commitment to upgrade the SMART WORLD platform to the highest home care standard, the company has teamed up with seven home specialist partners to launch Personal Home Advisor as an in-house assistant on SMART WORLD, a digital platform for post-move quality of life management designed to provide on-demand home management services in three areas 1. Cleaning, Termite Control and Gardening 2. Installation and Maintenance 3. Health Services. These services are provided through professional partners namely Q-CHANG in SCG whose quality team of technicians offers home improvement services with a warranty, INDEX HOME SERVICE which provides home moving and cleaning services, GREEN MANIA which offers gardening and tree trimming services, BENEAT which provides yoga teaching, Thai traditional massage at home as well as laundry ironing and cleaning services, vFIX – the first-rate home technician with a 24-hour express service, AIRMATE – the expert in air conditioner cleaning and MAEBAAN ONLINE maid delivery service, all of them answer the needs of the new generation.”

The all-new Personal Home Advisor will make it easier to take care of one’s home while allowing the homeowner to live a desired life at the touch of a finger as all three key dimensions are taken care of 1) Peace of Mind with ‘Proactive Calendar’, a warning service for home care appointment due 2) Trust with ‘Customer Rating System’ – an inspection system that allows the real user to rate service quality, making every user voice count for future improvement 3) Extraordinariness with ‘Super Privilege’ which ensures that every SMART WORLD user will get the best deals from the specialist partners e.g. air conditioner cleaning, home cleaning and home moving.

AP-SMART joins 7 leading partners in launching ‘Personal Home Advisor’ gurugram 第2张

Moreover, the company has launched a campaign offering those using Personal Home Advisor on SMART WORLD platform special triple privileges and discount valued at over Bht 1 million: first privilege is up to 40% on all services, second privilege is a gift voucher valued at up to Bht 700/unit (limited to Bht 100/partner) for a total of 1,000 rights and third privilege is a ‘Personal Home Advisor’ cash card worth Bht 500 for 50 people. These privileges are available to those who subscribe to the service within 30 June 2020 only.

“SMART WORLD platform has a system to control service quality of partners and acts as the centre that is always closely on hand to help. It allows the real user to rate service quality and standard on a continuing basis to ensure the highest level of home care standard in the long term,” said Mr. Metha.

Mr. Vittakarn Chandavimol, Chief Corporate Strategy and Creation, AP Thailand Group, said, “SMART WORLD has been improved continually. The platform is now able to provide a comprehensive range of home services. It reflects AP’s commitment to continuous development under the “Empower Living’ concept. It lets users live the life they desire and delivers a convenient living experience by taking good care of homeowners from the day they decide to buy a home until they move into it. The features offered by Personal Home Advisor are in-house assistants that help fix different pain points relating to living in a home and daily routine. To date, SMART provides services to more than 250 projects and over 60,000 units. There are more than 45,000 SMART WORLD users, which is a satisfactory reception.”

SMART WORLD is a digital platform to manage quality of life of homeowners after they have moved into a residential project. It offers a full range of services that matter to their living such as asset management system, reply to all living questions with projects’ juristic persons and members, SMS notification for parcel delivery, fast notification for repair of assets or common facilities with real-time status monitoring, online payment of common facilities, water and other bills, building an ideal living community through sharing of good stories on the bulletin board, facilitating contact of security, hospital and police station in emergency and many more basic services. SMART-managed residents can now download SMART WORLD at App Store and Google Play.

AP-SMART joins 7 leading partners in launching ‘Personal Home Advisor’ gurugram 第3张

AP Thailand Group is in pursuit of its Empower Living mission to fulfil life purpose with valuable and meaningful product and service innovations.



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