“Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthy genuine Japanese tea gurugram 第1张

“Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthy genuine Japanese tea, partners with leading Japanese restaurants to serve the authentic taste of “umami” to consumers at home

In response to the new normal, “Oishi Gold” is joining forces with “Oishi Delivery” and top Japanese restaurants to serve consumers at home with a complimentary bottle of “Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthy green tea brewed from genuine Japanese tea leaves offering the taste of “umami”, for every minimum 500 baht order with participating restaurants.

“Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthy genuine Japanese tea gurugram 第2张

Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President, Beverage Business, OISHI Group Public Company Limited, stated that the demand of food delivery business dramatically expanded as a result from a shift in consumer behaviour. Oishi, as a market leader in ready to drink tea in Thailand, is moving forward to expand our consumer base through food-delivery channel to increase accessibility and product trial.

“We have partnered with more than 10 leading brands of Japanese restaurants to launch ‘Umami at home’, a special promotion offering consumers a complimentary bottle of ‘Oishi Gold Gyokuro Delight”, a premium Japanese green tea with a signature ‘umami’ taste for every order with a minimum purchase of 500 baht with the participating restaurants,” Mrs. Jesdakorn said.

“This special offer is available at ‘Oishi Delivery’ (from July 1st to July 14th, 2020) across our leading Japanese restaurant partners, which are Chabuton Ramen, Kabocha Sushi, Nobu Japanese Restaurant (from June 17th to June 30th, 2020); while Sushi Hiro, Kouen Delivery, Zuru Contemporary Japanese Flavors, Shinsen Fish Market, Seiryu Sushi, Sushi Den and Salmon Online (from July 1st to July 14th, 2020).”

“Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthy genuine Japanese tea gurugram 第3张

“Oishi Gold Gyokuro”, a healthier choice of green tea is brewed from genuine Gyokuro Japanese tea leaves, which brings out the distinctive taste of “umami”. Gyokuro tea is harvested in spring, when the leaves are in their first flush after being covered for three weeks. The tea is grown in soil that is rich in natural minerals built up throughout the winter. Oishi Gold Gyokuro’s mellow taste pleasantly enhances the flavouring of Japanese cuisine and it is a “healthier choice” with its no-sugar and less-sweet product ranges.

Details and promotional periods of each participating restaurant can be found at Facebook: Oishidrinkstation.



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