Dettol’s continuous commitment during COVID-19 gurugram 第1张

Given the better situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand with some progress towards the “New Normal,” protective measures such as hand washing, social distancing, quarantine, and others, should still be taken as daily habits.

Since the onset of the pandemic, there is a considerable number of front liners who have been working tirelessly amid the risk of infection in order to fight against the common enemy of coronavirus. Reckitt Benckiser, the manufacturer of Dettol disinfectants, sees the importance of standing in solidarity with Thais, contributing to overcome this health crisis as soon as possible, and taking social responsibility during this time. 

With social responsibility in-hand for more than two months, “Dettol” has actively engaged with Thai community services through a campaign called “Dettol Helps Protect Thais” in which the brand collaborates with several government and health agencies to support the operations of front liners with Dettol disinfectants such as Dettol Hygiene liquid, Anti-bacterial shower gel, anti-bacterial soap, and anti-bacterial liquid hand wash. 

Aside from product donations, Dettol has been serving local communities through production and distribution of education leaflets to educate the public in the right way of hand washing. In addition, it has held workshops to share with cleaners at hospitals the right use of disinfectants. 

Dettol’s continuous commitment during COVID-19 gurugram 第2张

This campaign has been rolled out in diverse organisations in need, including the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Universities, Police stations, and 14 hospitals across the country. 

Because health and hygiene are keys to triumph in this fight against  the infectious pandemic of COVID-19, Dettol sees the importance in uplifting the hygiene standards for all Thais. That is why Dettol holds strong belief in its educational campaign in order to promote hygiene habits both for personal and surface hygiene. 

Moreover, as Thailand moves towards “New Normal” Dettol has been and will continue to work hard to deliver the products much needed to fight the spread of the pandemic to homes, businesses and hospitals. 

Strongly overcoming this pandemic together, Thailand and every Thai, as an individual, can also take part in this fight by ensuring good hygiene and protecting ourselves and our loved ones alongside Dettol. 

Dettol’s continuous commitment during COVID-19 gurugram 第3张


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